The mobile phone is a fairly recent addition to the list of gadgets that are now ‘mass-market’. Rising to great popularity in the late 90’s, they have since became one of the most used electronic devices on the planet. With phone calls now almost a secondary feature to these handheld gizmo’s, they are popular amongst all ages.

It’s pretty amazing these days when you stop and think about it… you can browse the web, play games, make video calls, trade stocks and do business all from a mobile! Look how far the technology has come in the past 10 or so years.

Anyway, the topic of this post is, the world’s most unique mobile phones, so let’s get on to looking at some pretty bizarre and interesting handsets.

Nokia 888 – The “Bendable Phone”

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First up, the 888 from Nokia. This phone you can actually roll and bend to whatever shape you like. This feature is for ergonomics. It’s actually only a ‘concept’ at the moment, but very ‘do-able’. It can be worn like a wristband or held like a typical phone. Powered by liquid batteries, this concept phone is very revolutionary and I’m sure we’ll see very real prototypes of this model in the future.

Hyundai MP-280 – The Perfume Phone

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Possibly one of the strangest phones in today’s market, the Hyundai Perfume phone sprays perfume every time you open it. It costs $1,2000 and comes with Marc Jacobs EDP as the perfume of choice in it’s ‘perfume chamber’. Once the perfume runs out you can refill it with a perfume of your choice, using a syringe… weird huh?

SparkFun Port-O-Rotary

Styled like old-fashioned rotary house phones, the Port-O-Rotary takes that bit of nostalgia and makes it portable. With a fully functional rotary dial and loud metallic bells when it rings, you can experience to the detail how phones in the golden ages worked. It certainly won’t fit in your pocket and you’ll get a few funny stares whilst walking around with it, but what the heck, it’s a bit of fun, right?

You actually can’t purchase it anymore from Sparkfun, but I’ve managed to find a load of similar ones on eBay.

Samsung Serene

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Some people want a touch of class with their mobile phones. You can buy a really expensive one… you can add jewels and crystals… you can get a gold plating company to bling up your phone… or you can just go and get the Serene. Possibly one of the classiest mobile phone designs around.

Designed by Bang and Olufsen, it has a traditional circular keypad, much like the old rotary phones. It has a loud speaker, and folds and unfolds in such a way that it can stand up and be used much like a really, really small laptop. It is discontinued now, but can be found on ebay for around £100, if you’re looking to add to your RARE mobile phone collection.

Find me some more rare phones!

I’m interested in phone concepts and rare mobile phones like the above. If you have come across some mobile phone rarities, let me know in the comments. I’m sure a follow up post wouldn’t go amiss! The stranger the better!