Moving the contents of an office from one building or location to another requires a lot of careful thought, planning and, of course, the assistance of a removal firm; pretty much similar to when you have to move home! Office moves tend to be more mission-critical, especially when it comes to moving IT infrastructure – the backbone of any business.

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If this is your first time planning an office move for anything IT-related, then you need to go through this handy checklist so that you can ensure a smooth and efficient move!

Plan well in advance

Office moves are seldom decided upon on the spur of the moment, but having said that, some businesses and other organisations tend to leave planning an office move until the last minute (literally so in some cases, believe it or not)!

It is important that you organise an office move well in advance, especially when it comes to computer and telephone systems.

Do a thorough site survey of your new office

You should not assume that all of the facilities you use in your existing office will also be available for you at your new one! Therefore, it is important that you go over to your new office and do a thorough site survey.

The things that you need to check will include the location of any server equipment, as well as provision for power sockets and network cabling. It is going to be highly likely that you will have to install extra cabling to suit your needs, so this gives you plenty of time to organise such installations.

Give plenty of notice to telecoms companies

If your office’s telephone lines and Internet access are going to be unavailable once you have moved, then something smelly will hit a certain fan and all eyes will be on you to determine why everything isn’t working as it is supposed to be!

The easiest thing to do would be to have your telephone lines and Internet access set up before you move office. Then on moving day, you can contact your telecoms companies and get them to move across your phone numbers.

Doing it all on the same day as your IT relocation is most certainly going to be a recipe for disaster!

Keep a paper record of contact numbers and account details on paper

If you follow the advice above then you should be in for smooth sailing, but despite the preparations that anyone can do during an office move, things sometimes don’t go according to plan.

So in order to prepare yourself for such situations, you should have a list of important contact numbers and account details for things like utilities, telecoms and so forth, so that you can contact the relevant providers from your mobile phone during moving day.

Make sure your computer equipment is well packed

Many businesses and organisations tend to use a specialist third-party removal firm to take care of transporting server and computer equipment, and I strongly urge you to do the same!

But this does not mean that you should completely walk away from someone else taking care of moving your IT kit; your job should be to oversee what they do, so that you can be rest assured that everything is being done according to your requirements.