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These days, everyone obsesses over the latest gadgets but are we missing out? Remember the devices of forgotten eras? Some of the best gadgets have been and gone, but we should not forget them. Now, you can get vintage style pieces online or even original devices that the seller has refurbished. If you are feeling a little nostalgic, now might be the time to get shopping and find some new pieces that will suit you. Here is the ultimate geek list of retro devices you need to own.

  1. A Macintosh computer

If you have a MacBook, you might think that it is the best machine in the entire world. There is something about Apple products that makes people go crazy for them. Well, long before its current sleek design, the simple Mac computer was not much to look at, but it is a part of Apple’s rich history. You can now buy original devices online, but they cost thousands, so you had better have a massive budget.

  1. A suave vintage phone

If you are always on your smartphone, you might have forgotten that there was this thing called a landline once. If you want to get something truly unique, you can now buy retro and vintage phones for your home. You might want to get a suave 1960’s or even 1950’s style phone for your house. These gadgets also make fantastic gifts, if you have any geeky friends. Get the phone in an eye-popping color to make sure that it stands out in your house. That way, whenever people come around, they will comment on your quirky sense of style.


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  1. An original Game Boy

Nintendo has always excelled when it comes to making games. If you grew up playing Super Mario Bros on your Game Boy, it is time to relive those happy times again. Many people sell their original Game Boys on eBay, but you should make sure that you buy one from a trusted vendor. There are companies that refurbish these devices, which means that you can be sure your new toy will work. You can buy vintage Game Boy games for just a few bucks, which means that you don’t have to splash out loads of money to reminisce.

  1. A retro radio

We now live in the age of digital radios, which means that it is difficult to imagine a time when everything was analogue. You can buy cool 1950’s style radios online for next to nothing. Some of these radios are deceptive – they are digital, although they look as though they should be analogue. Of course, the digital radios are a little more expensive than the analogue ones.

  1. A classic iPod

Since Apple stopped making the classic iPod last year, the price of the gadget has soared. That means that many people have decided to sell their old gadget so that they can make a massive profit. You could buy one of these devices online, but again it is crucial that you make sure you get a warranty with the sale. Otherwise, you could find that you lose money, in the long run, when you realise that the gadget no longer works. Classic iPods have become something of collectors’ pieces over the last couple of years. Although they are only about ten years old, they are vintage in that respect.

Collecting old gadgets is a hobby for many people. Although there is a certain shine to brand new things, vintage pieces also make wonderful toys. If you fancy getting your hands on some of these things, you should not wait. The price of retro devices will only soar!