The Apple iPad is an amazing tablet which can be used for a variety of different purposes. Its versatility and portability means that it can be taken anywhere; not just on land, but on the high seas too!

On the subject of the high seas, if you are a boat owner and you also own an Apple iPad, did you know that there are some pretty amazing apps you can download onto your tablet when you are out cruising on your boat? Here are 5 of the best iPad apps for your enjoyment!

1. Yachts & Yachting Magazine

I remember going on my first ever yacht, it was only on Lake Windermere up in Cumbria but it was certainly a memorable experience for me at the time. It’s quite nice being on a boat that you can sail using a diesel engine or using the power of nature!

If you are thinking of buying a yacht or learning to sail in one, then you ought to subscribe to the Yachts & Yachting Magazine right from the convenience of your iPad!

Download the Yachts & Yachting Magazine app from the App Store (free).

2. Ship Finder HD

The Ship Finder HD app promises “virtual radar” AIS maps which are as close to near-time as reasonably possible. It has many uses, such as for checking where certain boats are anywhere around the world (it’s used by lots of tech-savvy mariners), or if you want to stalk your friends and family on their boat when you’re somewhere else!

Download the Ship Finder HD app from the App Store (£4.99).

3. World Tides 2014

Supporting many locations in the United Kingdom and around the world, the World Tides 2014 app is able to provide 7-day tide predictions without requiring an active Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.

Put simply, it uses a harmonic formula and constants to determine tides, and it bases them on historical tide facts. Although it’s not intended to give you a 100% correct tide prediction, it’s pretty close to that figure!

Download the World Tides 2014 app from the App Store (£1.49).

4. iNavX Marine Navigation

Planning to do some sailing over in the United States whilst you are on holiday there? If so, and you are taking your iPad with you, make sure you download the awesome iNavX Marine Navigation app first!

When you are inside your boat having a nice cup of tea and warming yourself up thanks to a Webasto diesel heater or two, you can use your iPad to access thousands of different charts for various parts of the United States (include Alaska, Hawaii and the US Virgin Islands).

Download the iNavX Marine Navigation app from the App Store (£34.99).

5. Garmin BlueChart Mobile

Another useful charting app – albeit for the entire world, not just for the United States like the app above – is the Garmin BlueChart Mobile app! Although it is free to download, you will need to buy regional maps via an in-app purchase.

Download the Garmin BlueChart Mobile app from the App Store (free).