For a lot of car owners, having a nice, simple car is enough. As long as is gets them from one point to another without much fuss, they are perfectly content. For others, that is not enough.

If you are part of the latter group, you will know that a car is not perfect. No matter how much money you spend or research you do, you won’t find a car that doesn’t need improving. Mercifully, the people reading this who don’t want to settle for second best don’t have to anymore. All you have to do is take a look at these pieces of tech that will improve your car on every level.

Satellite Navigation System

The days of pulling over to look at a map of an A-Z are long gone. With the invention of the SatNav, you don’t have to pay attention to a map anymore because the information is delivered orally. The voice in the SatNav tells you exactly what road to take and what turns to make. Plus, it is all done by GPS, so the odds are going wrong is almost zero. Getting lost is a thing of the past with a satellite navigation system. That means you can explore unknown places just you were on the familiar roads back home.

Flappy Paddle Gearbox

You often see flappy paddle gearboxes on supercars, and there is good reason for that observation. Most people will think it is because supercars are ostentatious and over the top. However, the truth is that supercars are hard to drive. What they make up for in speed, they lack in agility and grace. To even the playing field, manufacturers have come up with the flappy paddle gearbox to make driving easier. Nowadays, you can get them on any car, regardless of the make and model. If you want to make driving as easy as possible, the flappy paddle gearbox is your best option. Plus, they are pretty cool!


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Sound System

No car is complete without a top of the range sound system. You don’t have to be a boy racer to enjoy music, and, sometimes, nothing makes driving more enjoyable than blasting out tunes. Subwoofers are great addition for the best sound systems, but they don’t come cheap. For the best deal, compare the latest subwoofers and what they have to offer.

TV in the Headrest

Don’t TVs belong at home, not in the car? Okay, TVs in the headrest may not make driving easier for you, but it doesn’t make the ride for comfortable for the passengers. After all, driving isn’t just about you and your feelings. The worst thing about a long drive is the boredom. There is nowhere to go and nothing to do for hours. Thanks to TVs in the headrest that is no longer a problem. Plus, if you are a parent with young children, it can affect your driving because they won’t nag you all the way to your destination!

The vast majority of technology makes driving or travelling in a car much more enjoyable. If it doesn’t, you want to think twice before making your final decision.