What does the future hold for games, this year and beyond? If you love games as much as we do, this is worth thinking about. While we can’t predict the future of gaming, we can make some educated guesses from where it is right now and the advances we know are coming. So let’s get started by thinking about VR.

VR: Gimmick Or Revolution?


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There’s evidence to suggest that VR is nothing more than a gimmick. Just look at how hundreds of major companies have jumped on the bandwagon with  a half-formed idea. There are countless VR apps on the app store right now. But if you download one, you’ll find a cheap display that while looking 3D only works by hurting your eyes. At the same time, however, we know that the major game developers are currently working on some incredibly VR games. As well as this, every major console producer has thrown their weight behind VR.

Still, there is a sense of deja vu here for a lot of gamers. Some people may remember there was a similar push for 3D games back in 2014. To play them you had to buy a 3D enabled TV similar how to play VR games you’ll need a headset. You don’t see a lot of 3D games these days. It quietly faded into the background and they aren’t even supported on the PS4. The demand wasn’t there despite impressive visuals. Will the market for VR be substantial enough to maintain it? A Recent poll suggests developers need a big push in marketing if they want it to be successful.

Increased Connectivity


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In the past few years, the gaming experience has become more focused on online play. Big titles have been released without any single player campaign whatsoever. You need an internet connection to set it up in the first place. While this is disheartening for some old school gamers, this trend is set to continue. Developers are continuously pushing for games to be more immersive and social. When VR and MMPG combine, we might have something truly special on our hands. For now MMORPG games are just as popular as ever. For instance, you could search something like League of Legends download now online. You’ll find numerous links for one of the most popular MMPORPGs.

Goodbye To Gamepads



There’s evidence to show that gamepads may not be used for much longer. As brilliant as they are it’s clear if VR is embraced, developers are going to look for another way to play. Something that means you’ll be using your hands in a more realistic way. For Sony, that’s the move controllers, needed for their VR device. For Xbox, it’s the Kinect. In ten or twenty years that friendly and familiar dual shock controller will be a distant memory.  Ultimately, developers are working towards gamers not needing a controller at all. But we think we’re still at least five years from that type of development.

Do you think our predictions for the game industry will prove to be correct? Or will gamers cling on to the old type of experiences they have grown accustomed to?