Technology is a wonderful thing. With the click of a button, I can talk to my friends and family face to face, wherever they are. We can play games with people on the other side of the world. Next year, we will find out what it is really like to walk around a video gaming world. But there are gadgets that are making our lives easier and better right now. Shall we look at a few?

Selfie Pole

What is a selfie pole? It is a device that allows you to hold your phone further away from you and record what you are doing. They have been on the market for a while now, and while there has been some controversy, they are, by in large a wonderful thing. How do they make life easier? More often than not your arm is not long enough to get everyone into a picture. Timers can be a bit temperamental, and this is the perfect solution.

Wireless Headphones

Darn, those wires getting tangled in your pocket. You put them in neatly wrapped around your phone but they always come out a knotty mess. But that problem is a thing of the past with wireless headphones, letting you listen to music without the fuss. Working, using Bluetooth technology, they will connect to just about anything including your TV. Popular brands also come with noise reduction technology. No more listening to peculiar conversations on the tube.

Phone Projector

Businessmen and woman the world over are praising this one. Rather than getting fiddly and technical with laptops and USBs presentations could not be easier to set up. Now you can connect your phone that turns it into a projector for your powerpoints. Just add your files to your phone and fire them up in seconds.

Portable Speakers

Yes, we are all about the music here. What better way to emphasise that than with a set of portable, rechargeable speakers. It does not matter where you are because now you can annoy everyone with your personal taste in music. Whether you are in the gym, on the beach or washing your car. Portable speakers make our lives better every day. People around us, not so much.

Ultra HD TVS

Got one yet? You should really consider forking out the cash to get one because they are fantastic. Fantasy has never looked more real with a screen that makes it feel like you are looking through a window into another world. This is not an exaggeration and with technology only improving, televisions are always going to make our lives better. Whether you are watching things jump out the screen or using on to surf the web.

Oculus Rift



Not technically available to buy yet but we simply could not leave it off the list. The early reviews say it will be phenomenal. Even if it has flaws, then it is still our first step towards getting virtual reality and we could not be happier. Rumour says Oculus Rift will cost around the same as a games console. On the other hand, the ability to finally feel like you are in an underground fighting off zombie hordes will be worth every penny.

These are some of your ideas on how tech improves our lives. How will it improve yours?