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You may not remember a lot about school. It will depend on how much you enjoyed it, to be honest. You also might have found when you left that you had a narrowed perception of career opportunities. There are a lot of careers that were never even mentioned or touched on in school. This will most likely have been creative career paths, as they’re considered more insecure.

Here is a list of a few tech career opportunities you wouldn’t have heard about from your teachers!

Computer Games Tester

This is the kind of job that was probably the dream of every ten-year-old boy in the Western world. To be able to get paid for playing computer games and saying what you think of them must be the dream of so many. In fact, even some grown men would give their right arm for the chance to do this job. But of course they wouldn’t cover anything like this at school. They wanted you to spend your days thinking about algebra, not Street Fighter 2 Turbo! But these days a job testing computer games is still one of the most coveted jobs in the entire industry. So the good news is this is a real job, and it’s just as fun as it sounds. The bad news is, it’s fiercely competitive.

App Designer

A more modern tech job that you didn’t hear about in school is an app designer. This should be covered because apps are becoming a much more important part of day to day life. Anyone who has a smartphone these days will be familiar with apps. There are even app stores through which you can buy a lot of different apps for your phone. In fact, these days it’s possible to find an app for almost anything you could think of. Designing an app is a fun and creative career opportunity to get into. And it can open the door to other opportunities for you. If you can get in contact with app developers in London you could get involved in the development of the next big app that’s released! How cool would that be?!

Film Editor

When you were younger did you ever watch movies and imagine rubbing shoulders with Hollywood’s elite? Well, one of the more technical jobs in the film industry is a film editor. This is, in fact, one of the most important job roles in the entire film industry. Editing is key to the way in which a film’s viewed and interpreted. This is why top editors get to work with some of the best-known names in the industry. But when you’re in school your teachers don’t want to fill your head with hot air and hopes and dreams. Creative opportunities are rarely taught in schools, so this is a career path you might not have been aware of before.

Ethical Hacker

Yes, it’s true you can have a career as a hacker. Not the bad kind, of course. But an ethical hacker is a totally legitimate job. And it’s also an important one too. This is where a hacker will use their skills to try to breach and hack into a company’s computer system. The idea is to highlight vulnerabilities and security issues that need working on. Of course, your teachers would have been quick to keep this kind of career under their hats. They wouldn’t want to be responsible for producing the next generation of hackers! But this job is totally legal, so don’t worry, if you’re interested you’re in luck.