Buying your children their first smartphone is a big step. They’ll no doubt be pestering you for years before you finally get one. “But, everyone else has got one!” Parents always want to hold out as long as possible; no-one wants their children to grow up too fast. But, when the time comes, a smartphone is incredibly useful. You can reach them whenever and wherever they are. You can keep in contact and also use apps to teach them new things.

Of course, they pretty much just want to send Snapchats to their friends, but it’s peace of mind for you. So, you’ve made the decision to buy them their first smartphone. The big question is, which one? Even the biggest geeks have trouble choosing between the best these days. As a parent, your choice is vast. Let’s break it down for you and look at some of the main options.


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This is the phone your children want. Everyone at school has one, and they’re hot property on the playground. You don’t have to give in to your children’s demands, but rest assured, it’s a great phone. It is, of course, the most expensive. Apple comes with the price tag that signifies quality. If you do go this route, we suggest opting for the iPhone 5C. It’s colourful, has a fantastic camera and is much cheaper than the newer 6 and 6+ models. It’s also simple and doesn’t have all the power and storage space of the more expensive options.

Microsoft Lumia 640

The huge selling point of the Windows Lumia 640 smartphone is the front facing camera. Most new smartphones now have one, but the Lumia’s is one of the best. It has a wide angle meaning it’s great for Skype, video calls and plenty of selfies! It’s colourful, solid and reliable too. Drop tests have shown this to be a pretty indestructible piece of kit. The Windows interface has also come on leaps and bounds.

Sony Xperia

We always find ourselves recommending this one to the parents. The reason for this is purely down to one thing: battery life. You buy your children a smartphone so you can have constant contact with them. You can reach them in any situation. Except you can’t, because they’ve run the battery down playing Candy Crush all day! The Sony Xperia is great because it last for nearly two full days on one charge. There’s no excuse for failing to answer the phone now.


We find that kids love the HTC One, mostly because it’s so pretty. It’s the best looking phone on the market in our eyes, making it unique. Children also love the sound quality with its booming bass speaker built in. It might end up driving you crazy, but it’s the best sound you can get in a small smartphone.

This is a big step for you and your children. Put plenty of thought into which is the right model for you. Visit the smartphone stores and try them out. This is something you can do together and make sure you’re both happy with the choice. Good luck!