I remember when I used to go to school (back in the early 1990s) we only had one PC in our ‘computer room’ and that was an Intel Pentium 75 which the IT teacher used to play Sim City on during his lunch break!

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We did have other computers in the computer room, but they comprised of Acorn Archimedes computer systems which if memory serves me correctly were rather temperamental and ran something called RISC OS.

Anyway, the one thing that I took away from my experience at school was the fact that there was actually no support in place to repair these dying computers except for the IT teacher, but he seemed more interested in building cities than maintaining computers!

Thankfully schools these days use PCs and Mac computers which are easier to maintain and support, but despite this fact there are still loads of schools that do not have adequate provision for technical support in case things go wrong.

Lack of technical support

Although the computers they buy might be covered by a warranty of some description, it’s still no substitute for expert advice and knowledge when it comes to developing solutions to particular problems or fulfilling certain requirements.

The main issue with schools today is one thing: money. Many schools simply can’t afford to employ one or more people in-house to look after computer equipment and any related accessories, but there is an alternative to employing IT staff in-house – hiring an outsourced IT support company!

You might think that outsourced IT support companies only work with businesses and other organisations, but the truth is many of them are only too happy to provide IT support for schools.

If you aren’t convinced, then you need to check out these top reasons why it pays to use an outsourced IT support company for your school:

It’s cheaper

It actually costs quite a lot of money to employ someone directly, as you have to organise their tax affairs for them (PAYE, for example), provide pension plans and pay when they go on holiday or phone in sick.

If you hire an IT support company, they can provide your support needs on an ad-hoc or regular basis depending on how often you wish to utilise their services, and their prices are fixed, so you know exactly what their time is going to cost you.

You don’t have to pay for any of the costs associated with paying employees, you simply pay an invoice for a pre-agreed amount, and that’s it!

You can take advantage of expert knowledge

In-house IT staff will only have a certain amount of knowledge in one or more particular fields, whereas you can rely on an outsourced IT company to resolve any problems or assist you with the development and planning of your IT systems thanks to the pool of experts they employ.

They are there when you need them

You don’t have to worry about whether an IT support company is available or not because their support gurus are always on call. So it doesn’t matter whether you call them first thing on a Monday morning or on Saturday evening, you will always get the help you need when you need it.