When you drive a car for a while, you get used to the technology that’s available within it. But many people wish that they could own cars that had all sorts of weird and wonderful technological advancements!

Here are some ideas for cars of the future which you might think are cool, stupid or just downright weird! Either way – check them out and let me know if you’ve got any ideas for cars of the future too!

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Roofs with solar panels

When you drive your car, you are most likely going to be driving on the open road where your roof has a virtually direct path with the sun. If cars of the future had solar panels on their roofs instead of just paint and the occasional sunroof, you can harness the power of the sun for all sorts of reasons!

For example, you could use solar panel to recharge your car’s battery, power the electrics inside of your car, operate your car’s stereo; in fact, the possibilities are endless!

HUD (Head-Up Display)

Some cars of today have this interesting feature as standard, but I reckon it would be sweet if all cars had this as standard some day.

Instead of using dials and warning lamps built into the dashboard of our cars, we could simply have all of the vital information we need to know projected onto the windscreen for that truly futuristic look!

In the meantime, you could always retrofit HUD technology into your existing car using your Apple iPhone smartphone and the HUDWAY app!

Manual transmissions without clutch pedals

I realise that you can buy cars that are essentially clutchless manuals (but classed as semi-automatic vehicles), but wouldn’t it be cool if manual transmissions of the future still had a gear lever as they do now, with 5 or 6 slots for each forward gear plus reverse and neutral, except that to change gear you simply take your foot off the accelerator and shift up or down, but not have to depress a clutch pedal in between?

Well, I did say that this blog post was going to have some weird and wonderful suggestions for car technology of the future in it!

Automatically adaptive suspension

On most cars produced these days, the suspension isn’t really controlled by anything other than bumps in the road! An idea submitted by John at Car Lolly would be for cars of the future to have automatically adaptive suspension.

For example, when you travel by rail on a Virgin Pendolino train (i.e. the tilting train), you don’t tend to have as bumpy a ride as you would in a normal train because of its adaptive suspension. Something like that but for cars would be pretty awesome, don’t you think?

Engines easily serviceable by car owners

The problem with engines in modern cars is that they are extremely complicated to work on, and there is nothing particular uniform about their operation as their designs different from manufacturer to manufacturer.

It would be cool if engines were not only modular but easier to work on, and didn’t require you to spend hours or even days completing certain tasks!