With so many beautiful new laptops and desktop PCs out there, you may wonder why so many people are settling for tablets and other mobile devices. With such limited productivity, mobile devices cannot currently compete with the full functionality of a PC. They may be bigger and stuck to the desk, but they are still the ultimate tool for the technology geek, providing everything you need in a relatively small box. From coding to animation, much of anything you would want to do seriously just cannot be done from a mobile device – yet.

The trouble with PCs is they tend to be more prone to problems than mobile devices. They are open to attack from malicious coding in your browser, and in any website you may choose to visit. Because PCs are more functional, they are more likely to be targeted by hackers than a mobile device. Mobile devices by their nature are just more secure at holding your information. We don’t tend to use our secure details as often on our mobile devices so there would be less to steal anyway. But if we were to lose secure details from our computer at home, we could be in big trouble.


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There are several good virus protection packages out there for PCs and laptops. Many people are getting fed up with the fact they act like viruses when the subscription is coming up to expire. They flash up on your screen and get in the way of what you are doing. You can’t get rid of it either if you go to a competitor. No wonder so many people are leaving the virus protection off and hoping for the best! When you think about how much you have spent on the original system, the software, and all your accessories, is it really worth the risk of it being rendered useless?

Unfortunately, when you are the victim of an attack, it can render your computer useless. You can’t access your data, and you are left feeling vulnerable. The best thing you can do in these circumstances is to take your computer to a specialist company like Newcastle PC Repair. These companies specialize in retrieving any good data left on your system. They may also be able to get the equipment running again without you having to buy new hardware.

Finding your computer has been hacked or infected with a malicious virus can be devastating. So many of us use our PCs and laptops as part of our home office, so it can definitely get you in trouble at work if nothing else. And nobody wants to have to try to complete a full day of work on a tablet! Keep your systems up to date. Every time you install new software or add a new accessory, have a check to see everything is free of problems. Hopefully, that fatal blue screen will never darken your screen. Yes, antivirus software can be a nuisance, but the consequences of your system being rendered useless are far worse.