Apple has been producing some of the most-popular computers in the world for many years. While Microsoft Windows models might have sold well in the past, the level of sales now pales in comparison to those achieved by Apple. Even so; some people are yet to make the switch, preferring to stick to what they know. That could be problematic, especially for business users who need the fastest and most-reliable machines. With that in mind, we think it’s vital that everyone looks at the pros and cons of different computers before making their next purchase. Just because you’ve used Windows for the last fifteen years, that doesn’t mean it’s the best solution for your company.

The pros of Apple computers:

  • Speed. Whether you opt for laptops or desktops is completely down to you. However, Apple computers are known to be much faster than anything on offer from Windows. There are many reasons for that. Processor speed is one of the most-obvious. Even so; there are lots of tools that help to keep Apple computers running smoothly. Mackeeper is one such solution. How much does Mackeeper cost? Check online to find out. We think you will be pleasantly surprised.
  • Reliability. Apple computers are incredibly reliable. For whatever reason, Windows machines tend to experience far more problems. In a recent survey, over 87% of people who purchased iMacs said they didn’t regret their decision. Machines from this manufacturer tend to stay in good working order for ten years or more. However, you’ll probably still want to replace them after five to keep with the times.
  • Security. While there are plenty of antivirus programs designed for Apple computers, there is little need to use them. There are only a handful of viruses that can affect these machines, and the in-built security package is fantastic. That means you shouldn’t have to spend lots of money each year on a Norton subscription like you would with a machine running Windows.

The cons of Apple computers:

  • Price. Sadly, there is no getting away from the fact that Apple computers can cost almost twice as much as their Microsoft counterparts. The average machine will set you back well over $1000. That said; you get what you pay for. The standard lifespan of a Windows machine is much less than that of anything produced by Apple.
  • Customization. While you have control over all the components of a Windows machine, the same cannot be said for those designed by Apple. That means it can be much more difficult to customize your computer. Still; that is not a major issue for most people as the machines run smoothly and quickly.

Having read through the pros and cons of Apple computers, it should be obvious there are more positives than negatives. For that reason, we think you should seriously consider making the switch in the near future. When all’s said and done, everyone should want the fastest and most-reliable machines possible. Whether you’re operating a business or simply gaming, Apple offers the best solution.

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Blake Patterson