Apple has pretty much cornered the technology market over the last ten years, which is somewhat surprising when you consider that Microsoft and other providers were far in front when they first started releasing competitive products. Still, I’m sure everyone would agree that iPhones, iPads and the desktop solutions available from this company are now far superior to anything available from other manufacturers. With that in mind, today we’re going to look at some of the reasons why more and more people are throwing their Kindle eReader in the bin, and investing in something a little more reliable and durable.


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The iPad was first released a long time ago now, and since then, upgrades and revised products have turned it into the best, and most frequently bought tablet on the market. You might think cheaper items do the same job, but they really don’t. iPads are all round computing devices that allow users to complete all the same tasks they would with their laptop or desktop computer when on the move, or sitting in an armchair.

The Kindle Is Dated

You can see why the Kindle was created, and as the price is quite low, it’s not that difficult to understand why so many people invested in one during the early days of ebooks. However, the device is very basic, and doesn’t really allow users much choice when it comes to functionality. At the end of the day, you’d probably be better off with a real book than spending over £100 on something that constantly receives bad reviews, and is known to break frequently.

iPads Are Multifunctional

As I mentioned a moment ago, you can do everything you’d ever want on the iPad. You can browse the internet, contact your friends on Skype or Facetime, download apps, use navigational guides when you’re out and about, install word processing programs and much more. So, as you can probably tell, anyone with a reasonable level of common sense would find this device far more useable. While the price might be a little higher, it’s worth the expense to have something you’ll actually want to pick up and handle.

eBooks Are Evolving

With every year that passes, eBooks are evolving and becoming more complex. Indeed, some of the latest eBooks that contain videos, links and other elements of this nature don’t even work on old versions of the Kindle, and this looks to be a trend that will continue. The iPad, however, is capable of opening almost any file and presenting it in the way it was intended by the author or publishers. On top of this, when eBooks make their next evolutionary leap, users will only have to download updates to ensure they work properly.

So, as you should be able to see from the information I’ve just presented, if you’re a true reader and you like nothing more than getting your nose stuck in a good book, you should definitely follow the crowds and opt for the iPad this year.

Now all you need to do is find something good to download, and unfortunately, for that task, you’re on your own.

Catch you later!