Car manufacturers are always striving to come up with new, innovative technologies in order to make their vehicles more appealing to new and existing customers. Perhaps the biggest focus for carmakers in the 21st century is developing systems that can aid drivers as much as possible, making their lives on the road simpler and stress-free.

Volkswagen is one such car manufacturer keen to get involved with developing technology aimed at promoting driver comfort and accessibility, and one way it is doing so is by offering its new cars with a self-parking technology!


Image Credit: NRMA New Cars (via Flickr)

Self-parking cars?

As far-out as that sounds, it’s all true! The German car manufacturer has come up with a range of parking and manoeuvring technologies designed to help those that find it difficult to parallel park their cars or reverse into tight spaces. Here is a rundown on what’s on offer and how it all works.

Park Assist

Developed as a system that aims to help your car literally park itself, Volkswagen claim that it “cleverly” steers your car into even the tightest of parking spaces, all with the touch of a button, and the only thing you have to do is work the pedals!

In order to use the system, you simply press the “Park Assist” button in your car and then indicate to where the parking space is, just before you pass it. Once these conditions have been met, some ultrasonic sensors in the car’s front bumper gets activated and determines whether there is enough space for you to park your car into it.

Assuming that there is, all you have to do is bring your car to a stop, select reverse gear and then simply let go of the steering wheel! The car’s multifunction display will show you Park Assist’s intended path into the space and automatically steers the car for you.

All you do is operate the car’s accelerator, brake and clutch pedals, but the good thing about this system is that it still leaves you in control so you can just stop the car and deactivate the Park Assist facility at any time.

Rear View Camera

In order for the Park Assist system to work, a rear view camera is also installed so that you can see exactly what’s behind your car to make reversing easier. The camera also works independently of Park Assist, and activates as soon as you select reverse gear in your Volkswagen.

I say it’s a camera, but it’s actually much more than that! The colour display that the camera is connected to will also superimpose some guidelines onto the camera footage so that you know exactly when to turn your steering wheel and by how much; of course, you could also let the Park Assist do this for you!

How to get a Volkswagen with Park Assist technology

If you fancy getting behind the wheel of a new Volkswagen with Park Assist technology, head down to your local Listers or Volkswagen dealership and try it out for yourself! Having been in a few VWs myself with this technology, I am seriously tempted to get a Volkswagen with it for my next car!