Ever since the Apple iPhone has been on the market in the United Kingdom and abroad, millions of people have fallen in love with this smartphone.

Apart from merely being a device that lets you call and text people, it is extremely versatile and offers users the ability to install apps for a wide variety of purposes; there are apps available for virtually any topic, from productivity to gaming, social networking to radiation detection believe it or not!

But the topic of today’s blog post is about managing surveillance cameras, better known as CCTV or “closed-circuit television” cameras. One of the most popular types of surveillance camera is an IP camera; this is essentially a camera that is connected to a computer network either with an Ethernet cable or wirelessly using Wi-Fi technology.

These network-connected cameras can then be accessed over the Internet, assuming that the network is connected to a suitable home or business broadband connection over ADSL or fibre.

One of the main selling points about these types of camera is that you do not have to monitor them from a specific fixed point; in fact, they can be monitored from any web-connected computer, or as the following apps illustrate, on the go from your Apple iPhone!


The free iCamViewer app lets users check out up to 16 different IP cameras direct from the convenience and comfort of their Apple iPhone smartphone!

It works with a plethora of different security camera models, and will even work with standard CCTV cameras as long as they are connected to a compatible DVR (digital video recorder).

Download the iCamViewer app from the App Store (free).


Designed to work with up to 12 individual MJPEG streams, the CCTV app from Tier One Design Limited makes it simple and quick to start monitoring your security cameras. Whether you are at home, at a different building or even in a different country, the app will let you make sure your premises are safe and secure.

The app’s developers have stressed that the app will only work if you know the full MJPEG stream URL details, including any usernames and passwords.

Download the CCTV app from the App Store (£0.69).

CCTV Camera Pros

Although the CCTV Camera Pros app was designed mainly for an American audience, it actually comes with a whole host of useful tools to help you design and setup your CCTV system so that it can be remotely accessed; perfect for applications such as construction site wireless security systems!

You can find out what your IP address is for the purposes of determining your default gateway location, check that the relevant router ports are forwarding data from your cameras properly, and even find out if you need to get CCTV cameras with specific lens attachments on them!

Download the CCTV Camera Pros app from the App Store (free).


Swann is a popular manufacturer of CCTV cameras and related accessories, and if you have one of their app-supported systems, you can use SwannView to observe the feeds from up to four different cameras.

Download the SwannView app from the App Store (free).