When it comes to the female of the species, tech companies have been a little slow to address their needs. However, recently it seems that this gap in the market may be starting to close up, albeit slowly. Here are some of the latest geeky (and stylish) items we think every modern woman should have.

Smart rings

If you are like me, you find it a nightmare to find anything amongst the chaos that fills your handbag. This especially problematic when your phone starts to ring, and no amount of fumbling around and opening your bag wide will allow you to find it in time. Correction: you find it just as the person who is calling you hangs up. It’s one of modern day life’s many frustrations. Enter the Trellie smart jewelry. These ingenious, and actually rather stylish, rings could solve this problem completely. This form of wearable technology uses Bluetooth to connect to your phone. It lights up when you are receiving an incoming call and blinks when you have missed a call. Pretty cool, right? Look out for these smart gadgets in the shops very soon.


Image from Flickr.com

Futuristic watch

Staying with accessories, for any lady who likes to make a fashion statement with their watch, the only way to go is with a futuristic design. Many designers are finding inspiration from the rising trend in sci-fi television shows and films. For example, many designers are including LED screens on watches and using a streamlined band rather than a connected watch face and strap. Smartwatches are also on the rise. These devices do much more than tell the time. Some track your fitness while others are large enough to allow you to read emails on the go. Perfect for women who are always on the go!

Smart purse

The Everpurse is a purse that charges your smartphone. And it’s really easy to use too. All you have to do is pop your cell phone into the purse, and it charges on the go. This gadget is entirely wireless, using inductive charging to restore the battery. The purse is placed upon a charging pad and takes around 6 hours to become fully charged. Once at full battery, the device can provide twice the battery life of your cellphone. And if that wasn’t enough, the purse itself is super stylish, available in a range of colors and very light. Technology at its finest or what?

Hands-free purse

Scottevest is a business who have recently launched a range of high-tech clothing for women on the go. In the form of jackets, hoodies, vests and pants, these cleverly designed items have a number of hidden pockets to carry all your essentials when you are on the move. They aim to  provides wearers with easy access to the things they need when they are traveling. No more need to lug that heavy tote around with you anymore! Incredibly, even with up to 22 pockets, the clothing is designed in a way to ensure you don’t look or feel weighed down.