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When you start looking for a new computer, for home or for business use, it can be difficult to decide which is best for you. Do you want a laptop that you can take with you everywhere? Alternatively a desktop which is quicker and more powerful? There’s pros and cons to both, that should help make your decision a bit easier. Here’s the ultimate computer lover’s competition; laptops vs desktops.

Round 1: Portability

This may seem like a silly one to start off with, as we all know that laptops are obviously more portable than desktops. However, with slimmer designed towers and super thin screens, desktops are becoming more portable than ever. Okay, so you’re not going to be set up your desktop in a coffee shop, but they are much easier to take with us other places. Laptops are getting thinner and lighter on a daily basis, thanks to Apple and their competitive Air offerings. If you need a computer that can be carried around then laptop wins this one.

Laptop 1 – 0 Desktop.

Round 2: Specs

One thing that any technology lover is going to check before they invest in a new computer is the specification sheet. Laptops are certainly getting a lot better in terms of storage space, RAM and processors, even if their graphics and sound still leave a lot to be desired. Desktop computers have stormed ahead with every aspect of their performance over the last few years, with companies such as Dell, Apple and HP leading the way. Of course, there are some incredible laptops available that have impressive specs, but as you’ll see in the next round, they’re not going to come cheap. If you want a high spec computer, that is perfect for important tasks or gaming, then you will be looking at a desktop.

Laptop 1 – 1 Desktop.

Round 3: Price

Let’s be honest here, however much we want the best computer on the market we all have a budget to stick to. Instead of looking at the overall price brackets of both, let’s look at what you actually get for your money. If you were to spend £500 on a laptop then you could expect something fairly decent, with an OK spec and a good amount of storage. However, if you were to spend £500 on a desktop then you could expect twice as much for your money. Double the storage, double the processing speed and double the capability. Just a quick browse of the Insight desktop pcs section shows us that you can get an incredible piece of kit for under £500, easily. Laptops, however, start at around the £500 mark for anything even slightly good, making them a pricey investment.

Laptop 1 – 2 Desktop

So, despite all of us rushing out to buy laptops it seems as though desktops actually lead the way still in 2014. It will obviously all depend on your needs, and whether you need that portability, but if you want something top of the range, on a budget, then go for a desktop.