Once upon a time, Pokémon used to be the biggest game on the planet. You could collect cards, play games on the console and watch it on TV. Pokémon had every base covered. And, for a couple of years at the start of the new millennium, you couldn’t move for memorabilia and paraphernalia. Now, the craze has died down considerably, leaving a lot of us with a card collection and video games that we don’t want or use anymore. However, that collection that is in your garage collecting dust could be a goldmine, because you can make thousands from Pokémon with these tips.

Dust Them Off

Firstly, they need to be in good condition before you can think about selling them for a profit. Pokémon cards might be worth a lot of money, but only in the right condition. If they have been in your wardrobe or your basement for years, they will need care and attention before they are ready for sale. Hopefully, it might only be dust and grime, which is easy to clean and repair. If the damage is a little bigger, you are going to need to see a specialist.

Do Your Research

Once they are in good condition, you need to find out what Pokémon memorabilia will sell for a decent profit. For example, the Raichu Pokémon card and the Charizard Pokémon card are the two most sought after cards in the deck. When you search your collection, look for these two specifically. Almost every collector will pay a lot of money for these cards because they are so rare. One Raichu card went for over two thousand dollars on eBay.

Find A Buyer

Buyers are not easy to come across. As I have already mentioned, Pokémon isn’t the fad that it used to be back in the day. As a result, Pokémon buyers have gone underground and are hard to find. Start off by using the main tool at your disposal: the Internet. A simple Google search might put you on the right path in seconds. The only thing you have to worry about, however, is fraudulent buyers. A little more outside the box, you can visit your local comic book store. Ask a professional where the best place to sell your collection would be and if they have any more relevant info.



Don’t Try And Bulk Sell

The biggest mistake that sellers make is trying to offload their full collection of paraphernalia in one foul swoop. That is a huge mistake because full collections can cost thousands of dollars, and even the most avid buyers will splash out that kind of cash. However, they will buy twenty or thirty at a time to keep their expenditures low. More importantly, it will cost you in the long run. Selling them off one at a time will almost always bring in more cash than selling them in their thousands.


Too many sellers don’t provide enough information or the wrong information when they put them up for sale. You always need certain info that will overstate their value like rarity, holographic and condition.