It’s hard to believe that the iPhone is only ten years old. It’s difficult to remember a time when we didn’t call up Siri or check the weather on our phones. Smartphones have become an ingrained part of our modern world. We take photos, speak in real time to the farthest corners of the earth and navigate our roads. Yet, we are just at the start of this fantastic revolution. Smartphone technology is still relatively new and we are always experimenting with new ideas.

With this in mind, we took a quick look at the future of smartphones. We looked at the current concepts in development right now, and it’s all very exciting. Manufacturers are about to take our smartphones to the next level and alter the way we communicate. Everything from the shape and design to the fundamental concepts are in flux. Without further ado, let’s take a glimpse into the future.

Wireless charging – We’re already experimenting with this in a small way. You may have noticed wireless charging spots in restaurants and cafes around major cities. Soon we may have portable wireless charging pads that connect when our batteries run down. That’s not all, though. There are some interesting developments concerning self-charging smartphones. They’ll recharge automatically through kinetic (or movement) energy. Others will use solar power to bring them back to life.

Flexible and bendy screens. – In the not-too-distant future, we’ll be able to literally fold our phones up and put them in our pockets. New technology is allowing smartphone screens to bend and flex at the will of the user. We’ve already had the chance to play with one or two of these designs at recent trade shows. It won’t be too long before these innovative smartphones hit the retail market. We’re not quite sure about the practical application just yet, but they look fantastic!

Monitor our health – Apple is already treading water in this territory. The new Apple Watch is the closest move towards health monitoring we’ve witnessed yet. Connected to the iPhone, it monitors your heart rate, body temperature and blood pressure. Our smartphones will soon learn to detect early signs of diabetes or heart problems. They’ll track our movements and help us maintain our fitness. If we understand correctly, your smartphone could ultimately save your life!

Connect with our cars and appliances – There’s a concept in the tech world called ‘the internet of things.’ It’s the theory that all our electrical items will soon talk and interact with each other. Telecoms experts Issa Asad has been predicting this transition for some time. Now, it looks like we’re on the brink of a big change. The next generation of smartphones will connect with our cars, televisions, and even our fridges. They’ll transmit information and keep our lives running smoothly. Scary prospect, or exciting reality?

We can’t wait for the next generation of smartphones to hit the market. We’ve already seen incredible leaps forward in technology and we can’t wait to see what’s next!


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