If you’re tempted by an electric car, there are few warnings you should take into consideration, especially in the UK. At the moment, car experts have described the UK Government’s electric car strategy as an appalling mess. You just have to date back to March this year when the French experts drafted had to rescue a model they supplied us with to see the embarrassing stage we’re currently at with the electric cars.

Bear in mind, however, there’s nothing wrong with the cars – they’re incredibly good fun to drive. The BMW’s new i3 is just a dream, and Nissan’s Sunderland-built Leaf is also sensationally proficient. They’re all fine in general when you can charge them up at home and have enough power to get back again.


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Can the idea of transport technology keep customers happy in the long-term? Perhaps not with the way this new technology is being handled, but let’s say the Government get their act together and make it possible – could they be the future, or just another good idea turned bad?

Modernising our roads with electric cars is exciting. But more importantly, they’re good for the environment; fun to drive and relatively affordable. To break it down, let’s have a look at the advantages and disadvantages.

The Advantages of Electric Vehicles (EVs)

Who needs petrol?

Perhaps the main advantage of an electric car is that, technically, you don’t need petrol. You can drive purely by petrol power within the range of 40-60 miles.


Fact: electricity is cheaper than petrol – at least in this instance. With an electric car, you can simply plug it into charge like any other modern day electrical appliance to get ready for the next day.

Environmentally friendly

If you’re an environmentally conscious, you’ll enjoy the fact that EVs emit no emissions.

As quiet as a mouse

If you’re sick and tired of your old banged up car with that horrific screeching noise coming from the engine; an electric car is for you. The soft battery powered engine makes no noise but a gentle hum.

The Disadvantages of EVs

We don’t feel ready for it yet

As the opening paragraph so bluntly mentioned – the state of the current handling over EVs is poor. The whole concept crumbles down when you go out on the road and try to find a public charging point, either on the street or at the supermarket. If you’re lucky enough to find one, it might even work. And if it does, you probably haven’t got the right cable for it.

Limited range

Sadly, Ev’s have a limited driving range, as mentioned earlier on. A trip to the beach or your grandparents house could turn into a living nightmare if it runs out of power. A recharge takes a few hours, so you’re best off planning your day in advance.


The current price of electric cars stands anywhere between £25,000-60,000 – and, to me, that’s truly bank breaking. So, if the price has already scared you into a vigorous shake of the head, you’re probably better off going for the cheaper petrol powered motor from used dealerships such as the imperial car supermarket.

So, if you’re devoted a petrol-head and don’t ever see yourself parting ways with £25,000 (and then some) for an electric car – opting for a cheaper, somewhat more reliable source of transport, may be the way to go.

With that said, if you’re in the market looking for a new car, electric is an exciting option. But with the current infrastructure, I just don’t think the UK is quite ready for an influx of electric cars.