Have you ever looked up how many websites there are in the world? Check out www.internetlivestats.com to see this huge number and watch it increase rapidly before your eyes. It will make your website, which you’ve worked so hard on, look miniscule. But I hope it also makes you determined to do something about it. When you know how, you can make your website stand out. Think of all the success stories you’ve heard about. If they can do it, so can you. To help you get started on this quest, here are X ways to make your website stand out from the crowd.



Personalise it

Most people are very intrigued to find out who is the face behind the website. It makes the whole experience more personal, and it gives you an opportunity to share your motivation and passions. Whether your website is a business, a blog or a portfolio, when you want to increase traffic it will help to personalise it. Add an “about you” or “about us”. Within this section, add a picture of yourself, a description about you and why you decided to create the website. Use a tone that fits well with the purpose of your website. For example, many startups use their “about us” section to have a little creative fun and to show that their company has personality.

Add images

Let’s face it, a website that is purely text is difficult to read and boring for visitors. Appropriate images will add quality and interest to your site. There are many options for acquiring images for websites. To make your website unique, publish your personal designs or photographs. Or, if you are not artistic you may want to try a troll maker online where you can adapt ready-to-use computer generated drawings. There are also a huge number of websites, some of with are free, from which you can download professional images.

Be available

More and more people are using smart devices like smartphones and tablets to browse the web. If you want your website to get noticed, it is essential that it can be viewed and interacted with on all these platforms. If your website is not currently available on these devices, you may want to think about changing your content management system. There are free and paid-for website builders that allow you to create a responsive site. Alternatively, if you’ve got the cash, hand this job over to the professionals.

Surprise your visitors

Adding a few hidden and unexpected details to your website will make it more memorable. Think quirky comments, images and interactive elements. These will delight your visitors and lead them to share what they have discovered with their friends and on social media. Customise your website as much as possible and avoid using stock design elements that your visitors will find elsewhere. It is a good idea to pick a detail, perhaps an image or combination of colours, which is unique to your website. Echo this detail throughout the website, in the font, the background and even the cursor icon.