135When Call of Duty Ghost was announced I was quite excited for it. It looked like we would finally be getting a pretty interesting campaign and some new improvements in multiplayer. Boy was I wrong.

Ghosts campaign is the shortest in series and it’s almost not even worth the time. You get an interesting premise where America is once again attacked, but instead of being in the thick of the battle, you fight with a small group of soldiers that call themselves Ghost nearly ten years after the initial attack to try and take it back. All the characters are very underdeveloped and all act the same, but were you really expecting better? You play Call of Duty’s campaign for the fantastic set pieces, which are mostly missing this time around. There are some noteworthy things to point out though. Riley the dog is a nice companion but is only seen a few missions of the game and it is fun to play as him. A water level is here, while it’s nothing new, it does it quite well. Then there’s a level in space, which is definitely the highlight of the campaign. But those three things barely warrant a play through because they are all cut short and leave you wanting A LOT more.

Extinction mode is Infinity Ward’s answer to Activisions popular zombie mode. While a cool idea, the execution is lacking. It’s sort of a co-op campaign where you have to go to certain points on one big map and plant and defend objects. It’s repetitive and once you beat it, there is no reason to go back unless you want to do the same exact thing over again. The aliens are fun to kill though, but there’s not enough of them. Adding new maps, enemy types, and objectives through DLC could easily be reason enough to re-visit this mode.

Now the multiplayer. While the core game play is there, that’s about it. Maps are a hit or miss ordeal that in my experience were mostly misses. They are just one big maze that leaves you open to enemy fire in all directions. Guns are very balanced but it seems like a half an arsenal compared to Black Ops 2 selection. Speaking of Black Ops 2, Ghost tries to take their pick 10 system and implement into their game. It doesn’t work at all. The multiplayer menus are layers of confusing screens that take a while to fully understand where everything is and what it means.

Infinity Ward also took the liberty of taking out two of the most popular game modes to ever be in a Call of Duty game. Capture the Flag and Search and Destroy are nowhere to be found. But two new game modes seem like half though out version of the those missing. Search and Rescue is the same idea as search and destroy, except when you die you drop dog tags in which a team mate can pick up, which then lets you respawn. The Blitz is capture the flag without the flag. You try to get to your enemy’s base and once you do so you get respawned in a safe place. The third new game mode is Cranked, after you spawn the first kill you get triggers a 30 second countdown in which you try to get another kill before it hits zero. If the clock hits zero you blow up and repeat. It’s very fast paced and I found myself enjoying this mode more than any. It’s a worthy addition that should be back next year.

Call of Duty Ghost is a game that had a lot of potential to be the best in the series, but ends up being the worst since Modern Warefare. It’s clearly running on an aged engine and looks years old. Ghost plays it very safe, to the point of boredom and make some lousy changes to multiplayer that end up hurting the final product than anything.

Final Score: 7.0

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