For many computer geeks, choosing a PC case is as important a step to take as choosing the individual components that go inside of it.

Folks that aren’t particularly bothered about what their PC looks like don’t care if their PC is cream-coloured or has a custom paint job, but there are many people that do.

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When I build PCs for my own personal use, I tend to buy ones that complement the style of my desk and office, such as the excellent Fractal Design range. But I have often seen people creating their own awesome bespoke cases and have often wondered what tools they use to build them.

Having done some research on the matter, I have compiled for newbie case modders like you (and me) a handy list of tools that are needed for case mod perfection!

Safety Glasses

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These might not be a tool as such, but when you are doing some drilling or sawing they are an essential item to have at your disposal.

I know safety glasses aren’t exactly comfortable or stylish like normal glasses are, but you will thank me for this if some stray bits of aluminium start flying towards the general direction of your peepers!

Glue Gun

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A glue gun (and hot glue sticks) are essential items required for bonding together any pieces of aluminium, plastic or wood where you need a seamless finish, but screwing or nailing items together is out of the question.

These inexpensive gadgets can be purchased from your local DIY or ironmongery store, and are pretty simple to use.

You simply insert a glue stick into the back of the unit, plug the glue gun into a power socket and wait a few minutes for it to heat up and melt the glue. You can then use the trigger to let out some melted glue. I would advise wearing some safety gloves when using a glue gun, as the hot glue could potentially burn your fingers and skin if they make contact!


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One of the most awesome DIY gadgets you will ever own is, of course, a Dremel! These handy little devices can be used with a multitude of attachments and will help you cut, drill, sand or grind anything away with ease.

I should point out that Dremel aren’t the only manufacturer of rotary tools out there; you could also buy some perfectly suitable rotary tools from manufacturers such as Black & Decker too (their rotary tools incidentally accept Dremel attachments as well).


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When you are working for chemicals such as the melted sticks from glue guns, you want to make sure that your hands are protected from injury which is why you should use some latex gloves when modding your PC case.

These are the same type of disposable gloves that are used in the medical and automotive industries, and can be purchased pretty cheaply on the Web or even from your local motor factors store.