Most people that want a new computer will head down to their local High Street retailer and buy one. Some will even find the best deals online and buy their new system that way. Of course, there are a few individuals that prefer having the ability to build a PC themselves.

There are some occasions, though, where the choice of parts available just doesn’t seem that great. A growing number of people want to create the ultimate designer desktop, but they just don’t know how. If you’re one of those folks, don’t worry! Today’s handy guide will show you how.


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You will need to see what you’re doing on a computer, so you’ll need to get an LCD display. The great thing about today’s TFTs is that you can get them in a variety of styles and sizes. If you’ve got the desk space, I recommend getting a dual display setup.

They are especially handy if you are going to use your computer for work a lot of the time. That’s because it’s easier than pressing ALT+TAB lots of times when you have many windows open on your desktop!


There is plenty of choice in the speaker world. If you’re building a computer for gaming, it pays to get the best speakers you can afford.

Some PC builders will even buy wireless speakers that they can install in various parts of the room. That way, they can enjoy the surround sound experience. All without dealing with lots of wires snaking around everywhere!

Keyboard and Mouse

You’ll need some way of communicating with your new PC. The most common way is by using a keyboard and mouse! Wireless Bluetooth devices are the way forward here. I recommend “trying” a few different models in person before deciding which one you like the most.

Why? Because your opinion of what is a “decent” combination may differ from reviews that you read online. Plus, if you buy a wireless deskset online, you’ll feel disappointed if your purchase isn’t the right one.

PC Case

There are thousands of different sizes and styles of PC cases on the market. But do you know what the problem is with all of them? They are mass-produced! If you want to go for the truly bespoke look, you’ll need to build one from scratch.

If you’re good at designing stuff using 3D modelling programs, you should first draw up some plans for your custom case. Next, pay a CNC routing to do the cutting and assembly of your designer case for that perfect finish.

PC Components

You can go wild here but what you buy will get determined by your budget. You will doubtless know what parts you need to build a PC so I won’t bother covering that topic. But what I will do is give you a few pointers on choosing the right parts for your system:

  • Make sure your power supply is beefy enough for your needs and is 80+ certified;
  • Fit a decent water cooling system instead of using noisy fans;
  • Solid-state drives are cheap enough to buy in large capacities these days;
  • A separate sound card in your PC will reduce the load on your system during gaming; and
  • Fit two supported graphics cards in unison for your dual display setup.

By considering the above tips, you’ll end up with the ultimate designer desktop!