Gaming laptops are the best way to ensure that you have the ultimate gaming experience. The only bugbear of gamers is that sometimes the performance of the laptop can cause the game to be less than enjoyable. You don’t have to suffer at the hands of technology anymore. You can improve the performance of your gaming laptop by following these simple tips:


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1.    Install the Latest Drivers

Ensuring that your drivers are up to date is critical to the performance of your gaming experience. Gaming laptops are not as robust as gaming PCs. For many, they love the portability and design of a laptop. This means that you need to effectively install the latest drivers so that your device can have maximum power. You need to be mindful of the gaming laptops limitations means that you can speed it up quickly. Nvidia and ATI are in constant competition of who can deliver the best performance related graphics card. Bear this in mind if you want to improve your gaming experience. Investing now will save you a lot of gaming heartache in the future.

2.    GPU Overclocking

Due to the laptops limited capabilities, you may be able to do anything about the CPU. But, most laptops will enable you to change the GPU settings. You can overclock the GPU so that you speed use processing cores. But, you need to ensure that you do not overclock by a significant amount. You need to experiment with what works best for your laptop. You want to have an improved gaming performance, so you cannot start changing the settings to maximum capacity. As a general rule of thumb, you should aim to change the settings by 5%.

3.    Power Settings

As laptops are not designed to be plugged in, they use more power than a conventional desktop. This means that they use more power when they don’t need to. You need to check to power settings and change them accordingly if your device is overpowering. You need to ensure that the high power mode is in constant use when you are gaming from your laptop. This may mean plugging it into the mains, but this will ensure that your gaming experience is not hindered.

4.    Ditch the Background Apps

Background apps take up processing space and memory. If you have a lot of apps still running in the background, your laptop is not going to perform to its best standard. With this in mind, you need to ditch the background apps to ensure that your laptop reaches it full capacity. Your gaming laptop will be impacted by having these apps running. Close them and continue to game on.

5.    Disable Superfetch

While this is meant to assist Windows laptops, in the world of gaming it can be a burden. While you are gaming, Superfetch will attempt to boost the power of your laptop. This can cause problems while you game and can hinder the performance of your machine. Ensure that is disabled while you play.