Up until a few years ago, anyone wishing to book a holiday would have had to drive to their local town or city, find a decent travel agency and then spend a few hours looking through guides and seeing whether the agents could reduce prices in any way. Thank god all that rubbish is over and done with and now anyone can book a budget deal from the comfort of their own home or workplace by simply utilising a WiFi connection. Also, now we’ve all got smartphones, it’s even possible to do all your research and make finalised bookings on the move – somthing I couldn’t even have dreamed of when I was a child. So, with this is mind, here are the too holiday-booking apps you need to download in 2014.


This fantastically simple app from holiday experts Thomson is completely free and comes with everything you could ever need for booking the perfect break. Users have to option to select from hundreds of different destinations, travel times and hotels around the world. Personally, I liked this one because it hasn’t got any annoying advertising, it always works perfectly first time and it’s 100% secure when processing payments. Anyway, you could simply arrange your vacation, get a reference code and pay via the telephone if this is something that concerns you.

You could download this app to your iPhone or iPad from the Apple store by clicking this link: Download


I imagine that most people reading this article will be aware of how large First Choice is as a brand these days, which should reassure you about the quality of their latest smartphone application. In much the same way Thomson tackles the issues, First Choice provide a safe, simple and sturdy means of booking your holiday through their system. Obviously, the prices aren’t as appealing as you might find online at somewhere like Venere hotels, but they’re definitely competitive.

You could download this app to your iPhone or iPad from the Apple store by clicking this link: Download


I couldn’t possibly write a short article about making travel arrangements without including the daddy of all holiday apps – tripadvisor. In much the same way their website works, users are able to find information on almost any location in the world. This includes sightseeing tips, attraction info, and real reviews from people just like you who’ve taken the time to visit the location before. For me, this is an absolutely essential tool for ensuring I never book somewhere rubbish for my family, and best of all? It’s completely free as always!

You could download this app to your iPhone or iPad from the Apple store by clicking this link: Download

So guys, now you’ve read through my suggestions and have seen the best apps available for helping you book the perfect 2014 holiday, what’s stopping you from heading over to the Apple store now and getting acquainted with them? If you’re after something completely different, I’d advise you to consider taking a trip to somewhere like Japan, as the culture is completely different to our own.

Anyway, it’s time to go now, so I’ll see you back here tomorrow!