As any business owner will attest, the world of business is changing. What is more, the software that business owners are using is also changing. While Microsoft Excel has had a good run, and it has served a great purpose in business, the fact is that Excel spreadsheets simply aren’t enough to support the growing responsibilities and rapid changes within the world of business. If you are looking for a software solution that has seemingly endless benefits, now may be the time to switch to CAFM software.

The benefits of integrating CAFM software within your organisation’s business operations are seemingly endless. If you want to streamline your facilities management then this is the software for you. Likewise, if you want to optimise the use of assets and space within your venture, now will be the time to invest in CAFM software. While implementing the CAFM solution is not without its apparent challenges, it is certainly beneficial to companies who want to increase efficiency, productivity and want to increase their capital and revenue.


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Implementing CAFM software is usually challenging to companies that are well established. Big organisations struggle with the implementation process due to its complexity. However, if you are a SME, now is the perfect time to deploy this software within your business.

Do You Want to Increase Productivity?

Everyone within your organisation will encounter, and use, Microsoft Excel within their career. It may be used as a simple listing function or it could be used as a database. Whatever function they use it for, Excel can be challenging and complex in its usability. Instead of spending hours digging through Excel to find the required information you will increase productivity within the whole of your enterprise by investing in CAFM software. CAFM software enables your employees to access and report the information within the software easily and quickly.

CAFM is Cost-Effective:

This benefit is often the most important for justifying the cost of computer-aided facilities management (CAFM). Of course, if you want a great software solution, you will have to pay a premium. Can you put a price on organisation and effectiveness?


Excel is fine for basic reporting, but if you want a solution that knocks the socks off your partners, stakeholders and shareholders, you need to invest in a quality solution that aids your professionalism. Data must do more than simply sit within a database. It must be utilised; otherwise you may as well render it obsolete. The summarising and reporting of your much-needed data can be done more easily (as well as looking more professional) with CAFM software. What is more, the timeliness in which this information can be delivered is increased. The quality of your presented and reported data is drastically improved.

Budget Preparation and Forecasting

As any business owner will attest, the arduous task of budget preparation is not to be envied. CAFM software tracks cost data in the application area and uses trend analysis and projection capabilities that are built in, within CAFM software. This arduous task can now be completed by, you guessed it, CAFM software. What is more, the information is accurate and professionally presented, meaning that you can prepare for the financial future.