These days, you can get all the excitement of the casino on your smartphone. The thrills, the wins and the big bets are all replicated on your small screen. So whether you’re on the morning commute or lying in bed at night, you can get your gambling fix. Gambling apps are great because you have the choice of playing for real money or just having fun. You can play with fake money and risk thousands of dollars. You know that no matter what you do, your real money is safe. On the other hand, you can enter your credit card details and play for real. The app store is packed full of fantastic casino apps. We combed through them all to bring you our favourites.

Live Roulette – This app gives you all the thrill of the casino floor without having to be there. With live streams straight from Las Vegas casinos and around the world, you’ll feel like you’re there. Gambling on your phone has never been so realistic. The video shows a feed from a real live roulette wheel in a casino. You can make bets in real time and take home the winnings.

Slots Farm – There are thousands of slot machine apps out there, but this is one of our favourites. The best thing is the unique bonuses on offer. There is always something new to keep you coming back, not least the realistic sounds and quality visuals. There are also worldwide leaderboards and you can play against friends by hooking up through Facebook.

Full Tilt – Full Tilt is a cool way to hone your poker skills against friends. You can also take on challengers all over the world and find local matches for your talent. You can bet as much or as little as you like and win plenty in return. You’ll also earn points to unlock rewards and creep up the leadership boards.

Live Blackjack – Live Blackjack does an amazing job of recreating the casino experience in an app. You can, of course, play one the best designed Blackjack games on the app store. But, it goes a step further. You can also open up chat windows with your fellow players and talk live with others. There’s even the option to buy cocktails for each other and choose your outfits. Great for meeting new people and winning a little money.

Bingo Bash – Bingo isn’t your traditional casino game, but there’s still plenty of fun to be had here. Based around a box of numbers, you tick them off until you have a ‘full house’. It’s highly addictive as the rewards grow and you climb the leaderboard. You can chat and make friends with the people within your game or invite your existing friends to play.

Slot Machine – This very simply named app is considered one of the best available. Despite its name, it actually has six highly addictive casino games all wrapped up in one. As well as the standard slot machine game, it also has poker, Turkey Smash and Super Spinner.

If you’re looking for a highly addictive casino game, you’ll find everything you’re looking here!


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