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We all know how quickly laptops can become unusable, and we’re all aware of the prices we pay when having to purchase a new one, so any tips that might make yours last a little longer will be happily received, right? Well, luckily, I’ve been messing around with my own for the last couple of days, and after doing some research, I think I’ve found a few ways everyone can extend the lifespan of their portable computer. If this sounds like an article that might interest you, read on..

There are a few common problems that seem to affect most laptop computers, and those are what I’ll focus on over the next few paragraphs. You see; with some careful and timely maintenance I’m now convinced you could literally double the length of your computers usable life without incurring high costs. However, if yours really is beyond a DIY fix, there are plenty of companies who specialise in laptop repairs in London, Manchester and all other major UK cities, so you’ll have no trouble finding people willing to give you a hand.

Here are 5 tips you might like to take note of:

1 – Running Disk Cleanup

If you find that your laptops become very slow even though you haven’t downloaded hundreds of movies and games, then it could be time to perform a disk cleanup. Done regularly, this can make a vast improvement to performance, and usually keeps laptops in a healthy condition for much longer.

2 – Defragment The Computer

Over time, files on your laptop will become unorganised, and this is why taking a couple of hours each month to defragment (or organise) your files is vital. Luckily, this isn’t a manual job and most computers have software already installed to deal with issues like this. So, all you need to do is boot the program, sit back, and wait until it’s all over.

3 – Buy A GOOD Antivirus Program

There are thousands of different programs available for dealing with virus’s, but most of them are substandard and leave your computer open to attack. This is the case with nearly all the free antivirus software you can download from the internet, so do yourself a favour and invest in Norton or something of the same class now, to avoid paying an even larger cost later.

4 – Uninstall Everything You Don’t Use

Whether you realise it or not, all those little programs on your desktop are taking up much needed space on your laptop and also using computer power that would be better reallocated somewhere else. Remove them all instantly, and I bet you notice a massive difference in performance.

5 – Clean The Damn Thing!

If I had a penny for every time I looked at someone’s laptop and saw it was completely covered in dust I’d be a millionaire. Yes, there is a fan inside, yes it does it’s best to keep your hardware cool and clean, but come on people; there’s nothing wrong with giving the laptop a polish every now and then.

So long as you follow these five tips and keep on top of maintenance, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to get at least a few extra months out of whatever computer you have. So, don’t rush down to the store straight away, there’s life in the old dog yet!