I don’t know about you, but I’m not someone that is great at cooking vast arrays of different meals at home! But don’t get me wrong, because I love to sample all sorts of weird and wonderful food from all around the world. It’s just that I don’t consider myself to be an expert at cooking!

Recently, I decided to improve my cooking skills with the help of my trusty Apple iPhone. With over a million apps in the App Store, I was bound to find some apps to help me knock up some amazing dishes.

Are you in need of help in the kitchen? Fed up of making beans on toast for your dinner? If so, here are a selection of iPhone apps to help you becoming a cooking connoisseur in no time!


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Spanish Food Recipes


I love eating Spanish food! Paella and Gazpacho are just two of my favourite Spanish dishes. Maria from http://www.elolivo-olive-oil.com recommended this app to me. I am glad she did because I use it every week now.

With the help of the Spanish Food Recipes app, you will be able to cook up some savoury Spanish meals in no time. Check it out!

Download the Spanish Food Recipes app for your iPhone (it’s free).

Greek Cooking – Video Cookbook


Fancy making your own Souvlaki at home? Perhaps some spanakopita? It doesn’t matter whether you have made Greek meals before or not. The Greek Cooking – Video Cookbook app will show you how to make a variety of popular Greek dishes through a series of videos.

The app will even share with you the secrets to making perfect meals that the pros won’t tell you about. How amazing is that!

Download the Greek Cooking – Video Cookbook app for your iPhone (it costs £1.99).

Egyptian Food Recipes


Egypt is best-known as being the land of the pharaohs, but did you know that it’s also the home to a variety of popular dishes? If you have been to this fascinating country in the past, you’ll remember the great meals you’ve eaten out there.

Why not recreate those memories by downloading the Egyptian Food Recipes app to your iPhone? You won’t be sorry that you did so!

Download the Egyptian Food Recipes app for your iPhone (it costs £2.99).

UK and Ireland Recipes


A list of cooking apps could never be complete without featuring an example that shows you how to cook British and Irish meals! The UK and Ireland Recipes app is the only app you’ll need for cooking a quality roast dinner, or even a Beef Wellington!

Download the UK and Ireland Recipes app for your iPhone (it’s free).

Sweet’N’Spicy – Indian Recipes


We all love a good curry now and then, but it can get mighty expensive eating out for dinner these days. If you are a fan of Indian food, why not stay at home and cook an extravaganza for a fraction of the price?

Your local curry house might not be happy with you eating at home, but at least you can enjoy a taste of India from the comfort of your home!

Download the Sweet’N’Spicy – Indian Recipes app for your iPhone (it’s free).

Have you got any app ideas you’d like to add to this page? Send us a message below! Thanks for reading.