Everybody loves a gadget or new piece of technology. However, there are so many options on the market that it’s often difficult to know what ones to go for.

Help is at hand, and we’ve selected four items that will genuinely come in useful. Going for novelty gimmicks might be fun for a few weeks. But we think it’s much smarter to choose an addition that will bring extra joy and comfort to your life.

Here are our top picks for gadgets that you should add to your home over the coming months. Enjoy.

Home Projector

When it comes to TV screens, bigger is better. The best way to create the perfect venue for your viewing habits is to turn the whole wall into a screen.

Technology has progressed greatly over the past decade or so. With the BENQ TH681+ HD Projector, you can take your gaming, films and TV experiences to the next level. The images are as clear as a television set but on a much larger scale. Better still, having a projector will save you floor space as you’ll no longer need a bulky TV unit.

The way we interact with TV might have changed, but they are still central to our home enjoyment. Embrace it.

3G Signal Booster

Our smartphone play an increasingly important part in our lives each year. As brilliant as they are, there’s nothing more frustrating than not getting a signal.

However, you can combat this issue with a simple signal booster. This can be an essential piece of equipment for people that work from home. Even if you only use the phone for personal use, it can make a huge difference to your life.

Nobody wants a phone that doesn’t work properly. This could be one of the most important purchases you make all year.

A Decent Set Of Headphones

Music plays a vital role in our daily lives. Those experiences are undoubtedly improved when you listen through a better set of speakers or headphones. Investing in the latter could make a significant improvement to your daily routines.



Most of us use headphones on a daily basis. Maybe you listen to music en route to work. Perhaps you use them for editing videos or studying to learn a new language. Regardless of the reason, you deserve to hear the sound in the clearest fashion possible.

Meanwhile, colourful options can also be used to complement your fashion sense too.

Ebook Reader

Sometimes, nothing beats sitting back and chillaxing with a good book. The only problem is finding a quality read.

Rather than searching high and low for a decent read, you can store all your books in the palm of your hand with an ebook reader. Whether you use a Kindle or download an App on your iPad, these tablets can allow you to access thousands of books within seconds.

The best technology often improves an existing process. Ebooks are a fantastic example. If you are an avid reader, welcome to your future.