The evolution of television is an incredibly interesting subject. Indeed, there are many facts available and lots of things to learn. We’ve decided to publish this post today to help you better understand how your favourite piece of tech came into being. We’ve chosen to stick to the obscure facts that you probably don’t know to make this a little more interesting. Feel free to browse through the additional information on the image below if you feel learning more would be a good idea.

The Nipkow Disk was patented in 1884

While most average people did not have televisions in their homes until the late 1950s, the tech had been around for a long time. Indeed, the Nipkow disk is often credited as being the grandfather of modern TV. Shockingly, it was first patented all the way back in 1884!

Japan had the most advanced TV tech before WW2

Japan has been at the cutting edge of technological advancements for a long time. The first electric TV was demonstrated there by a prominent scientist in 1926. However, WW2 brought lots of issues to the country, and so the US and UK had taken the lead by 1950.

Russia played a big role in development

Russia didn’t want to fall behind when TV technology was being created, and people from that country played a big role in making it happen. A Russian scientist came up with the name for television, and they even created the first models designed for use in the home.


Infographic By AV Installs